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wright_daily's Journal

Bonnie Wright Daily
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Hello & welcome to Wright Daily, a livejournal for fans of Harry Potter star Bonnie Wright. Apart from playing Ron Weasley's younger sister, Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter series, you might also recognize Bonnie from Hallmark's Production of "Stranded" & another made for TV movie, "Agatha Christie: A Life In Pictures." But that's not all with six Potter films under her belt & the seventh one in the works, we are sure to see a lot more of Bonnie in the future.

Here fans can share & discuss the latest Bonnie news, photos, interviews, & graphics.


01. All posts must be about Bonnie & her films.

02. No Bashing! Do not bash Bonnie, her co-stars, BWO staff members, or members of this livejournal. Have respect for all fellow members. This LJ is here for fans to have fun and to enjoy themselves. All fights & arguments need to be taken elsewhere.

03. All pictures should be under a LJ-cut.

04. Do not post an personal pictures of Bonnie. Any pictures that were taken without her knowing or with family and friends present, should not be posted here. If you do we will delete your post as it is an invasion of her privacy.

05. Icons, Wallpapers, Manips, & Blends are all accepted. If you post more than three icons please place the rest under a LJ-Cut. Any wallpapers, manips, & blends should also be posted under a cut.

06. All movie spoilers need to be posted under a LJ-Cut. This is so we don't spoil the movie for those who want to wait until they see the film.

07. If you made a fan video that is related to Bonnie or Ginny, you can upload it to Youtube.com or your own server and link it here.

08. Do not make any inappropriate post or post inappropriate links.

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